Founded in 1992 and for over more than 25 years, FFC followed more than 40 real estate investments, earning  the recognition of several developers  who granted it the privilege of assist them in their developments.


A  real estate investment is a complex process, involving substantial risk, which develops a long-term, almost never less than 5 years, since the study for acquisition of the land or the building in which it is intended to develop the project up the marketing and subsequent after-sales support to customers.

In addition to other strategic goals, such as implement a project that leaves a mark of quality in the urban environment in which it operates, it is good to bear in mind that for a real estate investor the project should be as such, understood as a set of incoming and outcoming flows, revenues and expenses, guaranteeing a higher return than other alternative investments for their capital.

The success of a real estate development depends on not only uncontrollable externalities by the Developer, but also and above all, internal factors related to the organizational model of the real estate Developer, and the skills of the team he engages to the development.

Among these skills is particularly important the role of the project manager, which reports directly to the Developer and has to follow and actively participate in all phases of the development and is responsible for an active role in defining the strategy, the selection of designers and contractors, in order to achieve the targets with minimal consumption of resources, and at the best cost, ensuring through monitoring the planning and established budget, compliance with deadlines and costs defined for the development.

In addition to the project management, is crucial to ensure a proper monitoring of the construction development, through a skilled and qualified coordination and supervision, ensuring an effective control of costs, deadlines and the expected quality.

It is therefore essential to any Developer surround himself with experienced and competent professionals in which can delegate all or a significant  parts of the essential tasks.

We have set up for this purpose, based on a core of multidisciplinary technicians, an organization to engage in project management, coordination and supervision of real estate developments.

Founded  in 1992 and for over more than 25 years, FFC followed  more than 40 real estate investments, earning  the recognition of several  developers who granted it the privilege of assist them in their developments.